Thursday, September 24, 2009

seeennneeeccaaa shhiiimmmyyy !

don't you just love two hour long political and historical debates about everything from palastine and israel to abortion with your father at the wee hours in the night? i know i do.

so how are you? i'm pretty good, thanks for asking. C:

it's exactly 12:00 a.m. which means it is officially friday. and it also means that i need to go to sleep because i have to get up in six hours for schoool. blahhh.

i have a chemistry quiz/test on god knows what. but i know that i did not take notes at all and that i am destined to not do well on it. yay.

i am taking this thing for my history class to find out if i'm more liberal or conservative based on my views and beliefs. should be fun.

football game in the pee emm. yeahhh.
everybody do the seneca shimmy, everybody do the seneca shimmy; senecaaaa shiiimmmyyyy !
anywayy... C: that's our, like, signature cheer.
it shall be the second home game. my first. i'm so school spirited.
i have to wear my "GO GREEN seneca football" shirt tomorrow. comfyy dayy♥ i'm excited.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

heyy guyss, these are some things for a personal project i'm doing that i need to upload onto so i can use. so just ignore thesseee. thanksss C:

Thursday, June 18, 2009


[[picture from]]
ohhmygoshh today was my birthday and first day of summer vacation! i turned the sweet sixteen. soo exciting. i woke up at 1:21 p.m. and looked for boots. i found her in her new hiding place and played with her for awhile. and she pooped on me. haha. she's seven weeks old, and she's adorable, so i'll let it slide this one time. haha.
my little brother graduated from eighth grade! he looked so cute in his cap and gown. after the two hour long event, i went to an "end of the school year" party at my friend's house. it was funn. there was a cake involved for me and another one of my friend's birthday, which also happens to be today. BIRTHDAY BUDDIES ! anyywhoo; this morning i woke up with SIXTEEN text messages. the majority of them were wishing me a happy birthday. and love. haha. and also, there were about 18 posts to my wall on facebook, all wishin me a happy birthday. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. simply the best. C:
ohhmygoshh. tomorrow is my birthday party! we are going to wildwood, nj and rented a hotel room. partying it up on the boardwalk! hot boys! i'm all over it! skanking it upp at the beach. only the best time. i'm so fucking excited, you have nooo idea. i have this ahhdorable dress i'm wearing. with converse! of coursseee.
i better get some sleep, gotta be ready for tomorrow!
...sweet dreamss. C:



Wednesday, June 17, 2009


short and quick update, i'll post more tomorrow, promise C:
today my family got a kitten! she is soo cute! her name is boots because she has little white paws. and they are adorable! and her little, squeaky meow is soo cute. my brother has school tommorrow and i'm done for the year so i get to play with her all day tomorrow! so excitedd!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009;;

I am a teenager trying to make it out with a smile.
I wonder what I'm going to do with my life.
I hear music constantly.
I see beauty in everything.
I want to have a plan.
I am that friend who is always making a fool of herself.

I pretend I am a rock star and have dance parties by myself.
I feel like every living being does.
I touch lives everyday, or at least try to.
I worry about my parents and whether or not they will last.
I cry about stress, friends, and family.
I am a beautiful person, inside and out.

I understand that no matter how hard I try, everything won't be perfect.
I say things I shouldn't sometimes.
I dream big.
I try to beat my personal best in everything.
I hope to change the world.
I am me, and no one can change that.

Monday, June 15, 2009

you're turnin' me onnnnnnn.

hii! three days. holy shit. that's exciting. !

so today, i took my gym and interior design final. what a joke of a day. but thenn, i walked to my friends house after staying after with my algebra II teacher to review for that exam which is tomorrow. on the way home from the school, the three of us stopped at a local pizza shop, put our money together, and ordered an order of large fries, water, and cheese (for the fries). $6.37 bill, with four quarters for a tip. ahha. thennn, we went next door from there to a water ice place and split a mango italian ice. $3.10 paid in change. the most embarrassing thing, for some reason.. haha. ohh and we ate an entire cup of free pretzels. way to be, i know. ahha. we finished walking back to her house. we hung out there for awhile, watched a movie and then dipped our feet in the pool and layed out on the deck for about fifteen minutes. the water felt SO good. my mom picked us up and we went to our old middle school to go see all of the eighth graders (including my brother) all dressed up for their 8th grade dinner dance. fun stuff. after that:


it was a great day, full of fun and laughs. and isn't that what life should be about anyway?



Sunday, June 14, 2009

carl&ellie. ♥




Saturday, June 13, 2009

standing out in the rain, need to know if it's over..

Listening to: Before The Storm - Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus
Mood: Tired.
Today I: slept until 2:30 and saw UP! GO SEE IT. you will not regret it.
Wearing: a pink Hollister babydoll, demin shorts, minnetonka woodstock boots.
Hair: scrunched, which for me means it has a little wave to it.

so i'm new to this whole blogging thing.. i'm gonna try to figure it out as best that i can ! enjoy the jonas pic below.. i know i did! C: