Monday, June 15, 2009

you're turnin' me onnnnnnn.

hii! three days. holy shit. that's exciting. !

so today, i took my gym and interior design final. what a joke of a day. but thenn, i walked to my friends house after staying after with my algebra II teacher to review for that exam which is tomorrow. on the way home from the school, the three of us stopped at a local pizza shop, put our money together, and ordered an order of large fries, water, and cheese (for the fries). $6.37 bill, with four quarters for a tip. ahha. thennn, we went next door from there to a water ice place and split a mango italian ice. $3.10 paid in change. the most embarrassing thing, for some reason.. haha. ohh and we ate an entire cup of free pretzels. way to be, i know. ahha. we finished walking back to her house. we hung out there for awhile, watched a movie and then dipped our feet in the pool and layed out on the deck for about fifteen minutes. the water felt SO good. my mom picked us up and we went to our old middle school to go see all of the eighth graders (including my brother) all dressed up for their 8th grade dinner dance. fun stuff. after that:


it was a great day, full of fun and laughs. and isn't that what life should be about anyway?



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