Thursday, September 24, 2009

seeennneeeccaaa shhiiimmmyyy !

don't you just love two hour long political and historical debates about everything from palastine and israel to abortion with your father at the wee hours in the night? i know i do.

so how are you? i'm pretty good, thanks for asking. C:

it's exactly 12:00 a.m. which means it is officially friday. and it also means that i need to go to sleep because i have to get up in six hours for schoool. blahhh.

i have a chemistry quiz/test on god knows what. but i know that i did not take notes at all and that i am destined to not do well on it. yay.

i am taking this thing for my history class to find out if i'm more liberal or conservative based on my views and beliefs. should be fun.

football game in the pee emm. yeahhh.
everybody do the seneca shimmy, everybody do the seneca shimmy; senecaaaa shiiimmmyyyy !
anywayy... C: that's our, like, signature cheer.
it shall be the second home game. my first. i'm so school spirited.
i have to wear my "GO GREEN seneca football" shirt tomorrow. comfyy dayy♥ i'm excited.


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