Thursday, June 18, 2009


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ohhmygoshh today was my birthday and first day of summer vacation! i turned the sweet sixteen. soo exciting. i woke up at 1:21 p.m. and looked for boots. i found her in her new hiding place and played with her for awhile. and she pooped on me. haha. she's seven weeks old, and she's adorable, so i'll let it slide this one time. haha.
my little brother graduated from eighth grade! he looked so cute in his cap and gown. after the two hour long event, i went to an "end of the school year" party at my friend's house. it was funn. there was a cake involved for me and another one of my friend's birthday, which also happens to be today. BIRTHDAY BUDDIES ! anyywhoo; this morning i woke up with SIXTEEN text messages. the majority of them were wishing me a happy birthday. and love. haha. and also, there were about 18 posts to my wall on facebook, all wishin me a happy birthday. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. simply the best. C:
ohhmygoshh. tomorrow is my birthday party! we are going to wildwood, nj and rented a hotel room. partying it up on the boardwalk! hot boys! i'm all over it! skanking it upp at the beach. only the best time. i'm so fucking excited, you have nooo idea. i have this ahhdorable dress i'm wearing. with converse! of coursseee.
i better get some sleep, gotta be ready for tomorrow!
...sweet dreamss. C:



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